Lisa's Village Grooming offers:

  • Complete professional grooming.
  • Service for all breeds of dogs and cats.
  • Grooming at reasonable prices.

All grooming includes:

  • Bathing.
  • Brushing and combing.
  • Nails clipped.
  • Ears cleaned.
  • Blow dried.
  • Trimmed and shaped.
  • Styling

Additional bathing services:

  • Medicated Shampoos: (for itching and skin problems.)
  • Flea treatments: (dips and shampoos to kill fleas/ticks.)
  • Hot oil treatments: (to moisturize dry skin.)

A Pet Groomer's Code of Ethics

As a Pet Grooming Professional, I Promise;

1. To keep concern for the welfare, health and safety of the pets under my care the topmost priority of my work.

2. To treat the pets in my care at all times with vigilance, kindness, patience and respect.

3. To conduct my business with honesty and integrity, toward my customers and their pets, and toward other grooming and pet care professionals, and toward myself.

4. To continue to seek knowledge and resources that will contribute to my skills and to my ability to care for my client pets.

5. To contribute, when and how I can, to the growth and improvement of the Pet Grooming profession.

6. To offer other pet groomers, whenever possible, the human support and encouragement that we need to feel a part of this professional community.

7. To provide education to my customers and to the public on proper grooming care for their pets.

8. To treat all others as I would have them treat me.

A Pampered Pair

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